Parent handbook is available here.

Daily Schedule

School hours: 10am - 1pm

Drop off: Parents should park in the school’s parking lot and bring their child to the school building and sign them in at the entrance. Students will be picked up from the building after school.

Arriving to School: You can find the location and carline route below, if you can review before driving to school, it would be great. Please drive slowly, there will be students on the road. You can park anywhere in the parking lot and bring your student to the building. First weekend we will take them to their classrooms, but starting next week you can bring them inside the building and meet with your teacher. Again, masking is required for the parents.

School's location: ATA-WA at Google Maps

Car line: Please see the image below for the carline. It is one way only.

What to bring:

  1. A three ring binder is required (starting from next week if you don't have one currently)
  2. A bag or school backpack.
  3. Nut free snack and water - ATA-WA is a NUT FREE school. Please don't worry about meat products, we know our community's sensitivity and don't offer anything that has meat in it.
  4. Jacket - We will go out for recess unless it is a downpour.
  5. Mark everything with your child's name with a sharpie.

Facilities: Please kindly note that we don't have access to the building during weekdays. On Saturdays we have only 30 minutes to set up and prepare. We won't be using the equipment/materials at the building, we bring our own supplies and carry them to the school every weekend. There is a lot of work behind the scenes, so please bear with us until everything is in full swing.

Volunteers: Each class has Turkish-American volunteer students who were born and raised here. If any translation is needed, they help the students right away, so please no worries if your child doesn't speak or understand Turkish. We don't let anyone feel frustrated at ATA-WA. Our students love the volunteers!

School Supply

Every student must bring a white 3-fold binder. In addition to that beginner, intermediate and advanced group students will bring their pencils, erasers, and notebooks. Toddler and kindergarten group school supplies will be provided by the school.


Students are supposed to bring their own snack. We are a NUT FREE school.


We are happy to celebrate our students’ birthdays at school. Please kindly send store bought individual treats to distribute. We can’t serve a whole cake.


We will go out to recess rain or shine unless it’s pouring down rain. Please send your children to the school with proper outwear. Mark all of your child’s belongings with a sharpie.

ATA-WA Choir

All the ATA-WA students perform live on stage twice in a year. Turkfest in October and ICFF (International Children’s Friendship Festival) in April. They sing the national anthem of Turkey and other appropriate Turkish songs that school chose.

ATA-WA Extracurricular Classes

We offer extracurricular classes for the students that age 5 and up. Dance, coding, and ATA-WA Folklor (Traditional Turkish Dance) are a few examples.

ATA-WA End of School Year Performance

Every year in May on our last day of school, we celebrate our students’ accomplishments with their live on-stage performances. Younger groups sing the songs that they have learned, and older groups put on a play in Turkish to show their conversational skills.